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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 8, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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that's it for us. i'm laura ingraham for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're always looking out for you. tonight, with crumbling foreign relations, corruption running rampant and support for obama care dwindling each and every day, is the american dream dying under obama? ann coulter is here. she has the answer. >> we've had an endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals. >> the irs back in the spotlight. did the internal revenue service have partner in crime in targeting conservative groups. and the obama administration is all set to use the housing department to, quote, diversify neighborhoods all across america. sounds like social engineering.
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>> if nbc dares to run a planned mini series on hillary, raines priebus has decreed it will have no money in the bank. >> media mash, "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> it's starting to take a toll according to a newly released fox news poll. 52% now disapprove of the president's job performance. now, this number skyrocketed five percentage points from just last month and it's no wonder the american people are starting to lose faith. corruption is running rampant. obama care is a mess. our foreign relations have never been worse and just this week the white house spin machine came out in full force after president obama canceled next month's bilateral meeting with russian president vladimir putin. we all know it's just a show and today we learn that the president will hold a press conference tomorrow before he heads to martha's vineyard for
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vacation. to add to this, the always shy demur ann coulter. how are you? >> fine, thank you. so looking forward to talk with you. >> so many think the american people are too dependent on government. what does that say? >> to be honest with you, the american people are a little schizophrenic on it. they always say government is too big and then you start talking about what you're going to cut. no, no, don't cut that. the one exception to that is obama care and that's why amnesty is so important. if amnesty goes through, obama care will never, ever, ever be overturned. i think for one thing, please do not take your eye off the ball, republicans, whether it's the government shutdown or defunding obama care. biggest issue facing us is blocking obama care. it's already passed in the senate and they're trying to slip it through, especially by not talking about it.
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politicians know that as soon as we talk about it, people will start writing and calling and telling us we don't want obama care but as long as we don't say anything we can slip it through the dark of night and all the big obama contributor or rather republican contributors and the mark zuckerberg's and coke brothers and others will give the money and screw the people. i've heard you talk about it on radio along with your other 14 million listeners and i've been dying to talk to you about this because first of all i really don't think republicans should be on either side saying that the other side is a monster or doing something horribly wrong. we all want to defund obama care. one side -- and i understand their point -- says this is going to hurt us, we're not going to defund it. we have one half of a third of the government and the last time we tried this under newt gingrich in the '90s, it did
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hurt republicans a lot. i think three things are different this time. one is this time we have ted cruz and mike lee leading the fight. last time it was newt gingrich. that ended up not being helpful if you remember. >> in the end it didn't hurt that much but i don't want to interrupt you. >> it hurt a lot. point 2, this is the most important, they have either threatened to shut down the government or shut down the government, it's been over the bunt generally, the budget deficit. i promise you, no one cares about the deficit. republicans have been in on the deficit for 30 years and lost every election. no one cares about the deficit. obama care is different. look, the teamsters may campaign with ted cruz because they want to stop this. it's immediately after this irs scandal. and just to say we want to put off implementation of this, if it comes to it, look, just say
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we're going to continue to fund the government for a temporary period. but this is our budget. we are not voting to fund obama care. >> let me interrupt you. blessed is the peacemaker, ann coulter. you're trying to bring together the two sides? >> not the two sides. >> here's the reality. the tea party conservatives in this country, which is a big part of the republican coalition, they want a fight. they want these guys to stand for something. >> the fight should be on amnesty. they're missing the boat because they're about to give away the entire country if the tea party doesn't focus on it. >> yes, it's about amnesty, and, b, it's about obama care. it's their last chance. >> i no longer believe that. >> why not? >> because people hate obama care. >> name a program that put in place and then removed. >> look. this is why i work so hard to
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get mitt romney elected president because my feeling was if it was not repealed in the next four years it would not be. think it's a different country now and people do not like what is happening. the memory of wait was like getting health care not through the department of motor vehicles is still fresh in people's minds. we do have these new republicans in there. and i mean just the outrageousness of finding out this week that congress and their staff will not be subjects to obama care? >> you've got to love it. they've got some ka hoe nas there. >> yes. >> yes, they really do. >> both sides want obama care. i happen to think they should stage this fight. >> how do you want this fight? this is key. how do you stage this fight? i like what cruz is saying and -- >> third point. very, very important to get democrats on the record in another vote right now going
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into 2014 for obama care. this bill, as you and i have discussed, was passed in a sleesy way with 100 spernlt democratic votes without a single republican vote. let's get senator pryor from arkansas and mary landrieu from louisiana. get them to turn over to the irs in the middle of this scandal all of our health care. get the democrats on the record with that vote. that couldn't be enough. >> let me ask you this. how about then they vote to delay the funding of obama care? >> sure. >> you're okay with that. >> keep putting it up for a vote. >> obama says he's going to shut down the government, that republicans are shutting down the government even though they fund every other aspect of the government. >> probably it won't pass in the senate. i can't tell you though. that's not 100%. we've got a democrats up nr election next year. get them -- >> call it a delay, not a defunding? >> you try it all but make demands on it. keep voting.
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>> what happens when you get to the point the house defunds it, you send it to the senate, the senate won't go along with it -- >> have the vote. have the vote. >> then what? the senate says i'm not going along with the democrats. then where? >> then see where the landscape is. >> did you ever think you'd be in agreement with the teamsters and jimmy hoffa? >> it's very dfrmt -- sorry, there was a third thing. sorry. three things are very different. in 1994 we didn't have as much of the media. that was before the internet was big. it was before fox news. actually it was 1995 when this happened. >> right. >> it's a different media landscape. there are different people pushing this and it is over a different issue, an issue, obama care, that is hated by the vast majority of the american people and they see the sleazy methods that were used to pass this, and just dropped in our lap the powe
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litcization of the irs and who's running obama care, the irs, but remember, american, the most important thing is stopping amnes amnesty. >> reagan asked in 1994, is that -- >> that's something else i want to punch you for. do not even talk about third parties. >> i'm talking about a revitalized second party. >> yeah. >> no. reince prie priebus, he said he right in their face, got on the air and said you do these love stories to hillary, you're not going to get any debates. everybody is like, go, reince. they want a fight. >> the fight should be over amnesty. you lose everything. hispanics overwhelmingly support obama care, they support gay marriage, they support abortion, they support big government. look at the polls. we lose everything. and we lose the country.
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we have no say in who an american citizen is? democrats can't win with americans. that's why they need to bring in a new electorate and it's being slipped through, and, yes, we should revitalize the republican party. i'll tell you who we should throw out -- >> is that love affair with chris christie over with? >> sadly over amnesty. by the way, that's when the love affair ended with george bush too. not only me but a lot of conservatives. >> could ter, thanks for giving me time to ask one question. >> you're welcome. >> thanks. good to see you. when we come back, we're going to tell you what other government agency could, in fact, be tied to the tax agency's enemy list and one thing is certain, the answer will make your blood boil. and tonight the feds are announcing new moves to track your neighborhoods and literally who lives in them and why. we're going to explain that example of government overreach. and the latest attacks on
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although the president believes it's a phony scandal it's far from over and things may have gotten a whole lot bigger. darrell issa is now demanding records of any communication that could suggest inappropriate coordination between the irs and the federal election committee. in a letter to the fec, he wrote that documents recently produced to the committee demonstrate that fec personnel communicated with irs personnel about tax ex-exempt groups. it gets worse. lohse learner also happens to be a former fec employee. coincidence? i think not. here with reaction from the center of law and justice and steve murphy. before we get to the new information can we just get out of the way targeting american citizens or groups because of
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their political views is not a phony scandal? could we just get that on the table from you? >> well, if that's what happened, sure. if the fec knows about tax exempt money being used on behalf of partisan candidates, they should tell the irs that because it's not legal. >> is that why lois lerner pleaded the fifth? >> there's only one problem with that. that's against the law. >> steve, let him talk. >> go ahead. >> it's not a citizen. it's two governmental agencies. there's specific provisions that prohibit it with groups like the fec. the fec is not exempt. it's not one of them. that's number one. >> so you're defending using
9:17 pm
tamt exempt dollars. >> you keep cutting me off, but let me give you facts. eric holder said there may be criminal investigations. sean, i'm representing one of the groups. they say they need an exception of time, why, because of criminal investigations of irs officials. that's pretty clear although we haven't been contacted by anybody with the fbi but they're saying there's an investigation. number three, the lois lerner e-mail back and forth to the fec lawyer was going on when there was not even an fec investigation. that has to be authorized. you know what the answer is? no wonder she took the fifth amendment. >> before we get to that, jay, i want to ask you one more question. explain, though, the law as it relates to the collusion between the fec and the irs. explain it. >> there are particular provisions of the internal revenue code. remember, sean, i came out of the irs chief counsel's office
9:18 pm
when i came out of law school. a government agency like the irs cannot share taxpayer information including ongoing investigations, audit information, with the fec as an entity. that's not legal. number two, by the way, to steves point, they cannot share taxpayer information that it has with a private citizen either. those are criminal acts by government fisofficials do them. they weren't even involved in an investigation but in no case can they share that information, period. there's no exception. >> all right, steve? >> you're making a point that the irs can't share information with the fec and issa is accusing the fec of having it go the other way around. there tees nothing wrong with the -- >> the i'm came from the fec. >> you're arguing in favor of a gigantic loophole for tax exempt money to be used for political campaigns. >> no, i'm not.
9:19 pm
>> yes, you are. that's what you're defending. >> i'm defending the law. millions of dollars. >> you know what, steve? it was president obama who came out and said -- you know, steve, president obama came out and said this is outrageous, this is wrong, people will be held accountable. >> steve, steve, steve -- guys, hang on a second, guys, wait a minute. >> they are wrong. >> steve, let him finish his thought and then you get to speak. back to jay. jay, finish your thought. come on. >> go ahead, jay. >> okay. so it's very clear. the irs despite steve's protests to dontrary cannot legally share information with the fec. >> agreed. it's the fec -- >> steve, let him talk. that's different -- >> no, the irs -- lois -- did you read the e-mails? lois lerner responded as to the tax status of the group fec was engaging in. she responded. that's why she took the fifth
9:20 pm
amendment. do you think she took the fifth amendment because she felt like it or maybe her lawyers evaluated the situation and said, you know what, lois, you'd better take the fif aboutt fift incriminate yourself. >> just be happy that you have the loophole -- >> you know what? organizations on the left have been -- >> you want it both ways. you want it both ways. and the irs should examine -- >> i want the law applied. >> they should examine whether it's legitimately charitable expenditures or wherever it's for partisan -- >> that's not the questions they asked. you know, that's not the questions the internal revenue service asked. 's the problem here. they didn't ask what your activity was. >> that's what congressman issa is investigating. >> and what their positions were on particular issues. >> all right, guys. we've got to to leave it there. >> read the law, steve. i suggest you start reeting the internal revenue code i don't want to be a lawyer.
9:21 pm
i'll leave it to you. you're a good one. >> you might learn something. thank you both for being with us. coming up, in a move that looks similar to social engineering, president obama wants to plan diversity over government zip codes. and then tonight -- >> trayvon martin paralleled to tim ma mill. same thing. >> that's why president obama is our president. he knows not to get himself in a movie and be on fox news every day. >> a huge firestorm just days after oprah made those controversial comments. she has been named a recipient of the nation's highest civilian honor. plus, still time to cast your video of the day. you get to vote. it comes to us courtesy of the boston transit cop who's been replaced by a cardboard cutout to fend off criminals and it's actually working. if you want to hear what the officer thinks about this log on to or
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welcome back to "hannity." in another overreaching move by obama administration, they're now implementing a new rule to allow the federal government to track diversity in american
9:26 pm
neighborhoods. the policy is called further affirmative fair housing allows the feds to gather information on zip codes and remedy any segregation of dissim nation. shaun don voen said unfortunately in too many of our hardest hit communities, no matter how hard a child or her parents work, the life chances of that child, even her lifespan, is determined by the zip code she grows up in. this is simply wrong. fox news contributor santita jackson and fox news political analyst melissa glow an. >> good to see you. >> wonderful to be with you always. >> do you mean that? is that sincere? >> you know i love you, sean. see? >> i'm checking, santita. >> you know i'm kidding.
9:27 pm
>> angela, i guess the question is now what does that mean now we don't have certain people of races, ethics, background. what are we going to do, move people out of one zip code to another? what's the plan here? what do they say? >> the bottom line is hud has been doing this for decades. this is about politics. black leaders have been courageous enough to go against this president. you've had the former chair of the black caucus say if obama was a white president we'd march on the white house. the fact is we're losing our homes. >> your reaction, santita? >> we have to rise above politic
9:28 pm
because the fact is no one expects -- everyone to achieve the same level of success. it's not what giejs to happen. what everyone does deserve is equal access to the american dream. right now we don't have it. just because you're not going to live in mansion doesn't mean you should be stuck in the mud. that's wrong. fdr had it right. you should have freedom of want. they don't need to be told there niece no room at the inn. >> i'm so glaed you mentioned freedom because a part of our nation is about freedom. there's freedom to work where we want to and live where we want to and to have the federal government say, okay, we're going to diversify your neighborhoods? the only thing i think is good, the liberal limousines, i wonder what they're saying now that they gave obama donations. >> i live in those
9:29 pm
neighborhoods. live on the south side of chicago. those directly impact me. what i want to see as i said before, all americans have equal access to the american dream. the fact is we don't. you have 18 million units, vacant units of housing in the united states of america, 3.5 million people who are homeless. >> if we don't have the jobs, can we afford the mortgages? >> no, we cannot. you know what else -- >> let me jump in here for a second. i want to explain this a little bit better to our audience. santita, if somebody works hard, they want to move into a particular community and there was any effort to discriminate against them, that's a legitimate claim. >> absolutely. >> that would be discrimination perhaps based on race or color, ethnicity, whatever it happens to be. >> or sexual orientation. >> but that's very different. seem like they're trying to engineer this somehow through government interventions and
9:30 pm
programs. that's the antithesis of freedom because then the government is orchestrating that. >> you know, absolutely. and i don't believe in government interference but i certainly do believe in government intervention. little rock 9 had that when they desegregated the schools back in arkansas. they intervened. when they went into the public schools, when the kids started attacking some of the students the national guard said hands off. >> is this the same thing, santita? >> let me say this, angela. when you have african-americans make 1g $00,000 a year or more, you know what happened to them? they were scared into subprime loans. that's not right. can we agree on that? >> the bottom line is we have court systems where you can sue but this is just a gesture to satisfy a certain segment of society that has supported obama and the bottom line is he's in the second term, now he can do whatever he wants do and in the black community his approval rating has gone down ten points. >> mm-hmm.
9:31 pm
>> so he needs something to -- >> that's right. but you need -- >> i've got a question for -- wait a second. >> okay. excuse me. >> are black americans better off now that obama is in his fifth year as president? do you think they're better off as a result of his presidency and policies? >> you know what? i think we've been in a down ward spiral for 50 years. >> has he helped? >> we ended the war on poverty. let me say this. we have who we want. now we have to get what we need. >> you didn't answer nigh question. i'm not going to let you off the hook. are americans better off -- >> policy is not without demand. >> sean, the answer is no. no, no. >> they have to bargain with this president like they do with any other. >> santita, wait a minute. hang on. ba, ba, ba. >> no, no, no. >> i'm asking. he's been president now. he's in his fifth year. are black americans better off
9:32 pm
since he's been a president? >> they haven't been better off in 50 years. >> so the answer is no. angela, last word. >> we're not better off. instead of having political gestures, let's have true policies so we can get jobs and afford a mortgage and then if we can't get a home, we can sue. how about that? >> let's make that trance partisan. democrats and republicans come together on that. >> all right, guys. good to see you. >> i love you, sean. >> i love you back. coming up, the former leader of daytime tv has opened up a huge controversy. it's getting bigger now and publicly attacking the fox news channel and weighing in on the trayvon martin case and making a comparison. you won't believe what honor obama is about to bestow on her. we'll explain. we want to hair from you. fox news and hannity. follow the live show. give us your comments of the day. also you get to select the video of the day. option three, makes an
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welcome back to hannity. among the list of names receiving the nation's highest cybilian honor was none other than media mogul oprah winfrey. ironically enough it came days after oprah cast herself back in the spotlight after she made these controversial comments. >> it's so easy during that time, trayvon martin, trayvon martin parallels to emma till. let me just tell you. in my mind, same thing, but you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and see how big you've come. >> the film so big lee daniels even courted president obama for a cam yo. >> no, he couldn't get obama and
9:38 pm
that's why obama is our president because he knows not to go and get himself in a movie and be on fox news every day afterward, yes. obama's very smart. >> here with reaction from the thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having un, sean. >> let's first remind everybody. we're going to start with you. trayvon martin's parents, attorney, daryl parks, the family attorney, says this is not racial and many of the jurors said that. they didn't think it was racial. all the evidence presented. the 14-year-old em its he saying something to the white woman. the husband, the brother make him carry a 75 pound gin fan to
9:39 pm
the tall ha chi river, they force him to take off his clothes, gouched out his eye, shot off his head, threw his body tied to this gin fan with barbed wire into the river. this was a -- this was a racist, racial hate crime. why would oprah compare that to this case? what's your reaction to that, nyjer? >> she shouldn't. and it is not a comparison and i'm glad you brought up trayvon martin's parents and his attorneys because, you know, as an african-american male that lost two brothers that were murdered, i really have a great deal of sympathy and am honored with the way they portrayed themselves. it kind of does a disservice to the civil rights revolution that was won, but i think, sean, the more important point that was made by oprah was that black folks should not -- and american
9:40 pm
people should not get mired in this case of trayvon martin as much of a travesty -- tragedy as it was for our country. let me say, if jammu and you and i jumped into a time machine and jumped back into the 1950s when emmett till was lynched, racially lynched and said in 2013 we would have a black president preceded by two black secretaries of state and oprah winfrey was the most powerful woman in the history of media they would say we were all universally crazy. that's the point. we live in a great noble country that black americans have fought to make better and i think that is the focus that oprah -- >> let me -- >> that was the second part of her statement. >> let me bring in jammu then. jammu, tell me how in any way you can compare these two cases. how? how do you make that comparison
9:41 pm
because i've never seen -- i like oprah. i think she's extraordinary fairly gifted. i've never seen her as racial in any way. >> son, let me get this -- >> let me get this out of the way since this your night of having black women telling that they love you. i love you, sean. >> i love you, hannity. >> we are better than this. the second part of her statement she effusively praised the united states and how far we've come and we shouldn't get mired in this. >> she made a comparison. >> a few of her words. you shouldn't be parsing a few of her words. that's what another network does. the thing is oprah said very clearly the facts weren't the same but the way they resonated within the civil rights community, the way they resonated in america around civil rights issues, that's what she was comparing so let's not parse words and call oprah
9:42 pm
winfrey a race bagger? >> no, i never said that. whoa. i never said that. i said i never saw her as racial. >> they've called her every name under the sun. she is a great american. she deserves the medal of freedom. because of oprah and because of bill crosby, we have a black president. >> i have to pinch myself because jehm unh i agree on something. i guess you're going to get some complaints from your liberal friends, jehmu. you'd better be careful. >> she's going to get complaints for saying she loves me. >> there was a poll. there are those who think the american dream is dead. 53% of democrats believe the american dream is debt.
9:43 pm
there's a crisis of confidence and we can't allow people to focus on how far we've come as a country and our best days are ahead of us. >> that's exactly what oprah did. she should be honored for having a nuance conversation. >> when we return, we talk media mash and also there's time left for you to vote in today's video of the day. and ct hybrids. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ i'm bethand i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. . . . .
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welcome back to "hannity." our media mash. how they try to put their liberal spin on the news. never a shortage, the president of the media research center, the one and only brem powe zell. how are you doing? we can't do this segment without a chris matthews blooper. now, nbc literally an extension of the obama press office, but he's saying, no, no, there's a relationship with obama. he hasn't been a guest so they don't have a tight relationship. really. roll the tape. >> by the way, those who talk about the tight relationship between msnbc and barack obama, count the number of times he's been on this network. zero. michael steele, thank you. he agrees with us and we agree with him sometimes. i actually have my views and
9:48 pm
they tend to coincide with them. >> no tight relationship. they just meet in the oval office of the president. none at all, right? >> no, sean. what this tells us first and foremost that the chum gang is alive and well. chris has to be smoking something to make that statement. any time msnbc does an interview with barack obama, and matt lauer does a flattering interview, it's rebroadcast on m msnbc. so, look, why wouldn't barack obama want to go on msnbc with chris matthews calling you perfect. >> he's never done anything wrong. he's a perfect person. this now leads into -- i like the gutsy attack that reince y
9:49 pm
priebus said about doing the minnie documentaries on hillary. yet journalists are horrified about reince priebus. watch this. >> air time? and you will see debates about air access. it does sound like the campaign is already under way. >> even as the uncandidate, hillary clinton dominates the airwaves with her every move. her life story starring diane lane? enough. >> if nbc dares to run a mini series on hillary clinton, reince priebus says there will be no room for debate. same as cnn. it will be pushed out in the cold while republicans stick to fox and other platforms that meet their terms.
9:50 pm
>> and like the democrats are coming on here? i doubt it, chris. what was your reaction to this? >> well, hat's off to reince priebus for doing what republicans should have done a long time matthews. look what he just said. this could not be more orwelian. if you are critical of the president, you are a racist. if you are critical of the bias against you, you are against free speech. what more impetus does the republican party need to tell nbc to go pound sand than this kind of reaction. this is exactly what it is. i want to go back about the revolving door between nbc and the white house. the white house gets the red carpet with all of their guests on msnbc, whether it is gibbs, axlerod, now, we are learning that the white house puts out
9:51 pm
the red carpet for nbc when you hear that rachel maddow has visited the oval office as many times at the king of jordan, there really is a revolving door. >> do you remember father flager, friend of obama, friend of reverend wright. you might arer this. this made a lot of news. >> when hillary was crying, people said that was put on. i really don't believe it was put on. i really believe that she just always thought, this is mine. i'm bill's wife. i'm white, and this is mine. i've just got to get up and step into the place and then out of nowhere came, hey, i'm barack obama. she said, oh, dammit, where did you come from? i'm white. i'm entitled.
9:52 pm
there is a black man stealing my show. >> remember that? now, let's go to abc and a softball profile of that radical. watch this. >> still ahead on world news, a priest bringing new hope to one of chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods. encouraging gang members to face off on a basketball court. a league of his own in our hidden america report. finally tonight, a story that reminds us all about the power of hope. michael flager started this ongoing weekly basketball league last fall in one of chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods and violence is dramatically down in the community. >> before this tournament, if you were walking down the street, what could have happened? >> i could have been jumped or shot to death, murdered, basically. >> flager says among his players, there hasn't been a single shooting. he has gotten calls from four other gangs that want to become part of the tournament and encourage peace. >> maybe he is doing something good here but how do you do a report and not put it into con
9:53 pm
text? >> well, number one, they are attempting to do something good. the reality is that chicago is more dangerous than afghanistan. that's the reality. whether they are trying to do something good or not. secondly, how do you put this person on without talking about what kind of person he is. this creep ended up apologizing to hillary clinton for what he said. it was, if he offended her. i hate that kind of apology. how can he not have offended her and her family and her followers by saying what he said. now, this man is a cretant. i don't have much use for him. >> detroit is going bankrupt. obama said that he saved droid. he was running on that 50 years of democratic rule. the real cause of nbc is the parasites shall the conservatives are the real villains in detroit's bankruptcy. >> conservatives are using the most insulting language possible that they can come up with to
9:54 pm
blame unions, blame black people, blame their culture for detroit's troubles. the real parasites are their conservative ideals that are coming from state government and from the feds. your tax dollars went to save the financial sector in this country. will your tax dollars go to float a loan to the people and the workers of detroit to rebuild their communities? hell, no. big banks are the real parasites of detroit and the people are the victims in this. union busting is the real parasite. conservative policies which helped businesses out for years are now saying, nay, we don't want to fund public education. we are not going to go down the road of health care. we don't care what the workers do for all those years. these are the real parasites that go to detroit. >> we haven't been in power there. your reaction? >> 50 years of government controlled by democrats in detroit. this is the perfect wreckage of liberalism. this is the intersection of terrible policy and corrupt
9:55 pm
politics. what does that show? plain conservatives. >> if all else fails, blame bush. brother bozell, good to see you. coming up next, you voted. we listen. up next, we play what you have chosen as tonight's video of the day. that's next. ♪
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welcome back to hannity. time to reveal what you have chosen as the video of the day. shocking footage from china. one person was killed. 23 more were injured after a bus collided on the highway. according to reports, the driver was reversing the bus when the truck ran in the back of it. several security cameras throw passengers being thrown about and some falling out of the bus. the truck driver was killed. another passenger in the truck was injured and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved in the horrible


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